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Re: Unusual feet movement in morotedori

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I noticed a very unusual movement when watching a video of Yoko Okamoto Shihan during a morotedori attack (2 hands grabbing wrist). In my limited 3.5 years of (Aikikai) aikido experience, I have never seen anyone else place their feet like that. I tried it out in our dojo and it is surprisingly effective. Below is a link someone else posted of her teaching and demonstrating what I am talking about. Does anyone else do that? Is this "common"?
Not common but foot walk doesn't matter much. It's just to create space and get uke pulled by moving body backward. So she can handle uke easily since she takes balance before applying techniques. Btw, she makes herself unbalanced and use the power that her body moves to regain the balance. It's effective but can be exploited since she makes herself unbalanced.
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