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Re: A defense of Aiki

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There is also the option of propelling/expanding outward so that on impact, the person shoving is bounced away, or upward (depending on how you use your body to direct force), and you can open and close the sokei orime to direct the person offline and then perhaps use a downward compression/aiki-sage to drop them. My point (in the approach I was describing earlier) is that you would either first either absorb force from uke or propel force into uke just before opening/closing of the sokei orime.

The process actually seems simultaneous when done well; i.e., there is no apparent pause between receiving/acting on incoming force and activating the sokei orime. The effect is very shocky and disorienting.
That sounds like what you see Gozo Shioda do in a lot of his randori demonstrations.


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