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Re: Kotegaeshi, help please

Adam Huss wrote: View Post
Got it, you are counting shomenuchi dai ichi as an atemi.

Quick question before we get too 'in the weeds.' For (kihon waza) Shomenuchi Kotegaeshi dai ni, are you initiating with a front strike to uke before your pivot shift, or are you pivoting and blending with uke's strike as you make your initial pivot shift? I just looked at some clips online and I'm seeing some variances. The second part of the technique all looks congruent; the slide out, pivot, atemi, pivot, throw...I just mean the first part (of #2).

Thanks again!
For Shomenuchi ni (where uke initiates), we use both hands to intecept, so we have to forego that strike. The upper hand tegatanas the shomenuchi and the bottom hand catches the elbow. Then (for kotegaeshi ni) we pivot, bring uke around, reverse direction (another pivot) and strike, then cut the kotegaeshi down/through as we do the final pivot.

If it were Yokomenuchi ni, for instance, we'd intercept with one hand and atemi with the other, then proceed.

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