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Passed my First test (rokkyu ) yellow belt

Hi guys. I'm wondering what the different kyu ranks mean. I know when I took Tae Kwon Do for 3 years as a teenager, in the junior belts (you could only get junior black belt), each belt meant a different level and that level was explained as for what that rank meant. For example, red belt meant "danger" because the student knows how to do kicks/offensive techniques well, but does not have proper control over himself or his techniques. I was 1 belt from a junior black in Tae Kwon Do around 13-14.

I took Karate for a year from ages 7-9. Funny, I still rememer basic blocks and strikes from that class. I remember alot more of my kicks from Tae Kwon Do though.

I've now trained in Aikido 9 months. 13 months total, but only 9 months consistent training due to illness and injuries. I had a bad AC separation injury, which delayed my test by 4 months. I got it during a fast forward roll in zempo kaiten nage throw.

I just tested and passed my first belt test from white. I tested for rokkyu (in our school) which is the first test from absolute beginner (very beginniner, knowledge of no aikido) to yellow.

i just wanted to know what yellow meant. In other schools, I've never seen this, are the belt ranks defined by level like in Tae Kwon Do as I mentinoed above, what they mean? I googled it too and foud nothing.

I'd ask my own teacher, but he'd tel me "It doesn't matter." most likely. It doesn't really. I'm just curious, what difference is there between an absolute beginner or middle beginner (white belt) to a yellow belt ? Is yellow belt a basic foundation of Aikido?

Here what was on my test and how it was graded, and how I did: Seems kind of comprehensive ?

All the attacks had to go to pins, with the exception of the kokyunage, techninage, and iriminage. However, the last kokyunage in the randori I had to pin. We also had to pin in kokyudosa.

Randori: 1 person.
Attack: Yokomenunchi
Defense: Kokyunage.

Attack beginned at "Hajime!" and went until my sensei said stop.

I threw the uke succesfully about 10 times, every time, until the sensei said stop. The technique was acceptable.

This wasn't graded but it must've been acceptable.
I found his center well and moved my own, extended ki. I'm pretty sure I passed this. I passed all the others anyway.

Ushiro tekubidori
Defense: Kotegaeshi

Acceptable/passed. I stepped out too far to take uke's balance, in the notes from my instruction.

Ushiro tekubidori
Defense: Kokyunage:
Was very good. Above acceptable on grade. He did mention to make sure the second time I did it to make sure the one hand goes back further to stretch uke further out.

Was very good technique. Above acceptable.

Defense: Tenchi-nage

Acceptable technique. Passed
Notes: Instruction said to step forward more to finish it.

Katatedori Shino-nage:
Was accceptable. Pass

Katatedori hantai ikkyo:
Was acceptable. Pass. I need to pay closer attention of nages's shoulder when executing, it could've done some damage.

Katatedori Hantai Nikyo:
Acceptable. Passed. instruction praised atemi during attack.

Katadori Kokyunage:
Was acceptable. Passed

Shomen-uchi ikkyo: Needed work. Got sloppy. I passed, but I needed direction from instructor. the first 2 times it was executed, the first I almost got grabbled on the ground, but got out of it ok.
The second I messed the technique up, but continued anyway and did some throw similiar to
kaiten nage, I finished and didn't stop even though I messed it up. however, it was acceptable and I passed also for this tecnique.

Shomen uchi iriminage: I passed, needed a hint from the instruction, but after the intial rough part, I did it good.

Yokomenuchi kokyunage: Passed, acceptable.

Munetski kotegaeshi: Was very very good. Excellent (In notes)
Menetski kotegaeshi: Was also very very good. excellent (in notes)

He said my two punch defenses using kotaegashi (solar plex punch and to the face) were the best.

I also had to :

Explain aikido.
Demonstrate basic hand strikes, each side
Standing forward roll, each side.
do all techniques, each side.
Do backwards rolls, standing.
tenkan w/sensei .
irimi with sensei.
Menentski kotegaeshi ukemi/w sensei
Aiki Taiso w/application.

the application of the aiki taiso was such: I had to call my uke. Pick any of the 13 techniques on the list I had to do. I picked munentski kotegaeshi. I then had to execute and neutralize that attack.
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