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Re: Correct kanji for Sen no Sen

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Umm - the kanji were in the post that you quoted...

Anyway, try



I was quoting from #9 above where Melissa writes and you reply but the kanji are not readable::

"From my understanding of the language and the concept, I believe that go no sen is Œのˆ, sen no sen is …ˆのˆ, and sensen no sen is …ˆ€…のˆ. The first, go no sen, meaning "post-war", the second, sen no sen, meaning "battle ahead", and the third, sensen no sen, meaning "battle of the distant future." One of my friends described sensen no sen as taking action when you see intent, sen no sen as as the attack begins/ at the same time as the attack, and go no sen as after the attack has begun."

"Actually, it's Œの…ˆ€…ˆの…ˆ€…ˆ€…の…ˆThe "war" kanji isn't used in this case."
So, if I understand correctly, sen=saki=before when describing a sequence of events (martial or otherwise). I remember from Go that sen-te is described as having the lead or the right to choose first where to make the next play as opposed to being forced to answer your partner's move.

Many thanks for the link.

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