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Re: Meaning of Competitive?

Santiago Torres wrote: View Post
Hi Christian,
I am not saying that there is not competition in nature
I just say that the competition that we find in nature is a human concept (it's in the eyes of the beholder, if you like)
so, it is in fact a falacy to justify competition by saying that nature is competitive

A 'wholistic system analysis' is available in the work of Fukuoka Masanobu, a name and link I mentioned above. The Concept and Practice of Green philosophy through Mu Farming; I can only encourage and reiterate that it is a worthy read for any person interested in the concepts of the cosmos, man, nature, competition,creationism and living etc. In there you will find the binding points between the nature of which Tiago is speaking and the darwinian nature of which Christian is speaking bound in the human way to which George is speaking. The nature that they all relate to is evident within . It will offer a method to evaluate this next step concretely and to see that there is a 'binding feature' in and among these theories put out today.


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