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Keith Larman
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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

Just fwiw... I get where everyone is coming from here. Whenever people start dropping the "this works against..." you always have to consider the source and should remain skeptical. I've been to seminars and I've seen guys who in my years cross training have struck me as quite intense and well trained in a variety of arts find it difficult to deal with guys like Dan. I have little question about the value of the stuff having done those varieties of arts, but I never got past mid-level BJJ myself (a spinal issue and getting older sucks) myself. And my judo was a few years as a young man, also still in the mid ranks. And then dabbling in a variety of other arts. But it always ends up with "do I really know, do I really understand, do I really have a valid point of reference?" And it is really hard to make that claim in a sort of academic way.

So... I think folk like Demetrio are perfectly justified in asking the questions. But honestly, my experience directly in working with Dan is like trying to throw a brick building. Or a Buick. But who knows -- I could be deluded as well. So what I tell folk myself is get hands-on yourself. And try what you want to try. And push it. And see how it goes. And frankly I love to watch that stuff. So far I've been going back to Dan since what I've seen has been confirmation that there's something there. But I also have no illusions about strength, training, youth, etc. all being powerful stuff that upset the apple cart. Hell, I'm in my fifties. And Dan is as well. And it sucks getting old.

Anyway I guess I'm just rambling at this point. I watch these discussions with some degree of amusement. They've happened before and so far most who've taken the step of hitting a seminar (myself included) end up saying "well, that's some stuff I can use". It ain't magic. It ain't easy. But I'm under no illusion that it's the only way or even the best way for everyone. And frankly I've never heard Dan, even on his most bombastic times say it's the best way for everyone. Sure, he believes in what he's doing just as it is quite clear that Demetrio feels the same way about his own approach.

Anyway, open mind, get on the mat, train and "ask" your questions with hands crossed. I really don't see further discussion of this same stuff resolving anything because, well, IHTBF. Sorry. But frankly the same is true in my experience in BJJ. And Judo. Good judo. And frankly I see tons of overlap. And *for me*, I'd rather continue going out side my own world and seeing what other folk do. And get my ass handed to me now and again. And in going out I also find where I am with others in the workshops and get a reality check on my own advancement -- no super magic "he's my sensei so down I go" powers work there...

Have a wonderful day, folks. And a sincere wish to all for a wonderful holiday season. Hug the spouses, hug the kids, hug the family, hug the friends, and put on the best rear naked choke you can on your training partner...

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