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Re: Musings on a Hawaii IP Seminar

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Well there are people out there who train with Dan openly and have no problem with that. Others may have issues with political or personal conflicts in openly stating they are training in this methodology. The group they are affiliated with may disapprove. We all know of the disharmony just within the Aikido world.
Well, I am completely unaffiliated and do not remeber having a personal conflict with Mr. Harden (unless divergences of opinion count as 'personal conflict). So my skepticism about what people says about Mr. Harden fighting feats is not related to aikido politics, bussiness or personal issues.

As far as the BJJ champion is concerned, do you really think a professional athlete, who makes their living on winning fights would want to openly reveal their "Secret training method" to the world?? I think not.
First he has to be a real BJJ champion. Champion of what... State? Pan-Ams? Mundials? Rank, weight class and age are relevant data to determine what kind of BJJ champion is he and how this "secret training method" has made him a champion.

You also have some willing to put money up to show you whats its all about. That's how compelling the training is. We all came to meet Dan with an open mind. What ever doubts there were previously were wiped out from the first contact. To quote William Gleason Sensei "This IS Aikido".
This is not about if "This IS Aikido", this is about Zoe's claims about Mr. Harden fighting high level athletes.
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