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Re: XX's and OO's from Atlanta

With a little more time to digest and the opportunity to discuss some details...

First, the definition of aiki around which we are consolidating requires internal power. Internal power defined as stability derived from dueling opposing spirals (suspended tension) which creates a natural potential/kinetic movement of power. Intent is what creates the stability and power. As a first step, we are working on generating intent. These are almost wholly individual exercises with a partner simply providing feedback to the level of success the exercises is accomplishing.

In addition to this focus, we are then also working to implement this structure on contact with our partner in paired exercises. Initially, this is simply a different "feeling" but should eventually result in kuzushi on contact. This is the first step of aiki as I am now moving from unification within my body to unification that affects another body. I believe this was the instruction discussed by Kuriowa Sensei in his reference to "kihon waza" - that is, "that which should exists in all techniques."

The third focus should be the expression of waza with a partner. This expression should occur naturally and respective of your partner's response. As a comment, at this juncture uke inherits the responsibility to help manifest kata; that is, uke responds appropriately to help shape the kata.

We're going plug away for a while... We need to do some re-conditioning. Aiki is not a four-legged animal under this model. Kata is not what drives movement under this model. "Grounding" is not the method of stability under this model. These are all [more] common aikido methodologies that are not part of the model. I am not interested in debating how good they are, but we need to give them up in order to embrace the aiki model Dan shares. Guess it's time to empty the cup...

'll let you know how it turns out...

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