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Re: Ki to the Highway

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Granted, there are a lot of wacky ideas about ki/chi out there (the 99%) but as Mark mentioned, there is the 1% out there as well and you would really be doing yourself a disservice to ignore it altogether. About 35 years ago I came back to the states after studying Ki Society Aikido over in Guam and I was a firm believer in ki as taught by Tohei at that time. However, I ran firmly into the Western agnostic mindset of ki as you describe in you post. So being a young naive person, I thought they were all right and I was wrong so I discarded what I was taught and went off searching for the real thing that caused those techniques to feel like magic - after all, if it had nothing to do with ki, it had to be something. Well, 35 years later I have came full circle when I met this guy up in Massachusetts who told me to use my intent to extend energy out in a certain direction and all I did was extend ki as taught by Tohei and he said, yes, that is it - I realized I essentially wasted 35 years ignoring something I could have been developing better simply because most Western minds could not grasp an Eastern mindset on certain concepts and principles.
But isn't that intent the same thing if you don't call it ki and you don't believe there's anything supernatural about it?

Today, I look at ki/chi like the Chinese: " heart leads mind, mind leads intent, intent leads ki/chi, and ki/chi leads body."
Why do we need that third step? Heart (emotion) leads mind, mind leads intent, intent leads body. Practically, what's the difference?

After all, a million Chinese could not all be wrong for thousands of years
The Chinese were wrong about many things for thousands of years. For thousands of years the Chinese believed in mountain and river spirits and sacrificed to them. Were they right about that?

If you look at the above as a process, even your viewpoint of thought and visualization fits into that model.
Sure it does. But if the model works without ki, then why insert it into the model?

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