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January 21st - 22nd 2012: Mike Sigman in Hawaii - Principles of Internal Power

The Aikido Sangenkai is happy to be hosting Mike Sigman's second Hawaii workshop.

Mike will be teaching an informal workshop devoted to an examination of the theory and practice of training internal strength. Two-person and solo exercises focused on developing and conditioning internal strength will be introduced. Breathing and structural-development exercises and suggested training approaches will be discussed and practiced. Participants of all backgrounds and martial arts are welcome.

Mike Sigman has more than 45 years of martial training in judo, Okinawan karate, Aikido, Taijiquan, and many other Chinese martial arts. Since 1975 Mike has devoted his time to gathering information and training methods for the body skills surrounding all the physical abilities of ki/kokyu/jin power and in the conditioning methods (both hard and soft) that are involved in the body/mind training of breathing methods. He has taught many workshops for Aikido students around the world.

Mike is well known in Internal Martial Arts circles from his Internal Strength Seminars given around the country, was the editor/publisher of "Internal Strength" magazine and has written numerous articles and given numerous workshops in the U.S., Australia, Europe, and Scandinavia. He is at the forefront of a movement among internal martial arts enthusiasts, teachers, experts and amateurs which seeks to demystify the power generation that has made Ba Gua, Xing Yi, Tai Ji and Liu Ho Pa Fa famous.

Please contact us for further information.



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