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Re: Learning from other arts?

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Just thought, I'm still waiting to hear stories from people who have had someone from another art come to them for help via Aikido.
i came to aikido hoping to wear a skirt and still get respect. i don't know if that count.

personally, i went to other arts to learn stuffs to improve me. for example, after losing bokken speed contest with George Ledyard, i was determined to beat him next time. so i went to train with the Systema guys to learn how to move in a really relax manner without telegraph and in lots of uncomfortable situation. of course, those guys beat the living day light out of me, but i did learn how to move fast. then George went and lose a bunch of weight which made him quicker than before. so now i have to be sneaky and offer him a large B-B-Q sandwich before the match.

i went to study taekwondo to learn how to do scissor split kick with a punch so i can kill 3 people at the same time. it would come in handy dealing with them ninja. i watched the movie Shinobi, and those buggers were nasty, except for the girl which you could die for (which the other guy did....oooppps didn't mean to give away the plot...sorry sorry so sorry).

i went to study okinawan karate because the gi snapping when you do the unsu kata impress the heck out of the lady. good way to get a date or friction burn.

i went to study judo so i could learn the north-south lock so i could improve the love aspect of aikido, since the north-south lock also known as the 69 waza in kamasutra-do. i can assure you that you can get a lot of love out of that.

i went to study ground fighting to improve my rolling in the hay. i can tell you that the rubber guard has a whole new meaning in Troy.

i encouraged folks to follow my path. and if folks want to come and learn from me, then i can declare myself the next O'sensei.

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