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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

All I'm saying is something like "regardless of how poor/good/etc this guy's calligraphy, it's still recognizable as "calligraphy". No matter how poor Nishikido's effectiveness actually is, the fact that he even knows how to manipulate Uke like this tells me that his teacher/lineage had some valid stuff. And it's valid "aiki" controls that come via Horikawa and thence Takeda. So Takeda used undoubtedly pretty good aiki... hence Ueshiba certainly got his aiki ability from Takeda.

All that really interested me was in seeing a sort of bogus demonstration which, low and behold, had the guy demonstrating a series of honest and knowledgeable *possibilites* in aiki demonstrations. I was also struck that the fooling around variations looked a lot like some of the stuff the Shioda did later on.


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