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Bruce Kimpel (BKimpel) wrote:
Is tsuki (punch) and suki (opening) supposed to sound the same (both ‘ski' because of the almost silent u)? Or is there supposed to be a different sound for the t in tsuki?
I'm not Jun, but I can answer this. The two words do not sound the same. Both of have "almost silent" u's, but the intial consonant is different. Tsuki is pronounced with the ts. Though this combination starts no English words, it ends all sorts of them. Say "cats" without the "ca" part.

When the intial syllable becomes voiced (like when tori becomes dori), both become zuki. With a voiced initial consonant, the u is also pronounced.

Just like morote + tori = morote dori, morote + tsuki = morote zuki.

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