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Speaking of romaji (writing Japanese using Roman letters), who finds the switch from the Hepburn system to the (Sin-) Kunreisiki ((new) Cabinet ordinance system) completely annoying? (Not to mention the earlier Nipponsiki (Japanese style), which is even more confusing)

For instance, doomo (Hepburn), written as doumo does not help English-speaking people pronounce the o longer (or emphasized o sound). It actually serves to confuse things more, naturally thinking of the sound as an oooo sound (like shoe in English).

Does anyone else have troubles with the Kunreisiki way, or is it just me? By the by, which way is used currently (assumingly outside of Japan)?

Also Jun, maybe you can answer this one for me:

Is tsuki (punch) and suki (opening) supposed to sound the same (both ‘ski' because of the almost silent u)? Or is there supposed to be a different sound for the t in tsuki?

The reason I ask is because I have great difficulty discerning the two words spoken by Japanese (maybe that's just me too).

Bruce Kimpel
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