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Jeff R.
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Dave Miller wrote:
I believe the explanation for how it works can be found as much in physics as Ki.
I'm sure it's true, but why bother? I was a physics major, and I love solving scientific mysteries, but some things are better left to just knowing with your heart rather than understanding with your brain. In fact, it's that incessant desire to understand, to figure out, that leads us toward conquering, overcoming and losing the spiritual essence that makes the magic happen.

Dave Miller wrote:
One of my senseis is a yondan who can pile several people onto his unbendable arm and yet he doesn't give the notion of Ki much creedance at all, hence my contention that physics explains the technique as well as Ki.
Mel Barker wrote:
Well since I have no concept of what it means to extend ki, and since I never have heard any of the shihan I've studied under mention such a thing and since my instructors consider such language to be nonsensical and useless, I doubt I "should" be doing it. I think such notions get in the way to learning to do aikido. Others, I know, have a different perspective. I don't know what they "should" do either.

We don't give breathing, or seeing, or any of the senses much notion at all either. We take them for granted--until we lose one. If he'd rather call a tomato an onion, whatever. People used to believe the world was flat, and that atoms were only an idea. Many of us are stuck in the empirical mode, but it is a very limited way to experience the Universe. With all due respect, we should all be learning from as many sources as possible. Unless a teacher is enlightened, then I would consider their information carefully and respectfully, but I could not accept it as the end-all be-all. Heck, even an enlightened teacher is only a guide. We may have very different paths to enlightenment. Some don't desire to be enlightened at all--and they are the ones with whom I have a concern.

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