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Jeff Rychwa (Jeff R.) wrote:
Have you tried it? It's a pretty cool exercise in Ki extension. Of course, if one doesn't believe in Ki, it might not work well. Regardless, it's a good way to center oneself and practice visualization, extending [ki] beyond the surface of and into/through or beyond the other person.
Not only have I tried it, I consider it to be foundational to many of the techniques of Aikido. (That's part of what my signature is talking about.) Perhaps the simplist and most direct form of this is shomen ate. I believe the explanation for how it works can be found as much in physics as Ki. One of my senseis is a yondan who can pile several people onto his unbendable arm and yet he doesn't give the notion of Ki much creedance at all, hence my contention that physics explains the technique as well as Ki.

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