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Re: Origin of ushiro ryote and ryokata dori

Because the instructions begin from a point of contact already (not showing *a* specific attack), you think Ueshiba was not instructing a waza? I don't follow this...

Would you rather see a more complete string that originates from a single specific rear attack that continues through the responsive waza? I don't disagree here, but I think the thought of reading through an instruction that illustrates every variation of an attack and every responsive waza could get exhausting.

I also don't disagree that other gendai and koryu may have a larger (and more effective) set of rear attacks, but I am not sure how the existence of those attacks affects an interpretation of Ushiba demonstrating waza, unless you think that Ueshiba chose an attack that was designed to fail in order to show a technique. Given the "aikido doesn't work in a fight" thread critiques, I am not saying this would be right or wrong, I am just curious what you mean.

Also, Hey Cliff!

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