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Re: Origin of ushiro ryote and ryokata dori

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Oisin - "by what would they be," do you mean what kind of techniques? To enumerate a few from the Araki-ryu (other ryu approached this differently, so Takenouchi-ryu, Shosho-ryu, or Tsutsumi Hozan-ryu might have different takes of this):
1. Grab them by the hair, slam them backwards to concuss and stomp on their head (the name of this technique is "the unification of the topknot and the throat")
2. Simultaneously to grabbing around the neck, stomp the back of the knee and lever your shoulder forward into the back of the neck to hopefully break their neck, but at minimum, putting them in a perfect position to continue into a tracheal strangle (called "falcon stoop")
3. The grab entry, followed by slipping behind (like 'aiki' arts), but continuing with a stab with a short weapon. (called "the truth of grappling")
4. A simple tackle from behind, followed by a pin and a leveraged neck/spine break (called "bringing back to life," for reasons I do not know)

There are more. . . but that's a start. That's what was considered and trained originally.

Ellis Amdur
The grab-rear entry doesn't really apply to daito ryu as I trained anyway. The corpus of ushiro techniques start from rear attacks and work from there. The techniques aren't as apparently violent as the ones you mentioned, but there are a number of rear strangulation, stabbing, kicking, pinning and locking techniques.
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