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Re: Proper Japanese term for "Dojo Founder"

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
Why not simply use the term ` Dojo Founder ` it would be clear for all to see and understand.
If I have to fall back to that, I will. But my goal is to combine artwork with a learning tool, and I have time to work with, I already expect the greater project to take around a year (weekends and evenings when I'm not already busy with other activities Aikido practice).

The basic design would have the Kanji characters arranged vertically on the center-line of the nafuda, with a romaji transliteration in smaller characters on the left, and the effective English translation in a likewise style on the right.

Another fun reason to do it this way is that we also have some native Japanese speakers in our dojo. I've already approached most of them to ask for their names in Kanji, so there's no going back now!
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