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Proper Japanese term for "Dojo Founder"

I'm working on a project in my dojo to replace the nafuda (nameplates) on our nafudagake (nameplate-hanger/rack) with something that has a better sense of permanence and artistry than our current setup. One change I'm pursuing is replacing the rank/title plates such that they all have appropriate Kanji with smaller, thinner Roman letters with the transliteration and/or translation alongside.

One title I seem to be missing in my research of Japanese terminology is for "dojo founder". As our dojo founder retired from teaching some years ago, our Dojo-cho is another, so it seems like there should be some distinction of titles here. I asked our Dojo-cho about it already, but his answer amounted to, "Hmm, I don't know, either. I'll have to ask around!" (He doesn't mind me pursuing it independently, as he still gets the final okay.)

As to the actually terminology, I'm looking for what would be considered proper or traditional, not necessarily a direct translation. For any help you can give, I would be greatful, arigato gozaimasu!
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