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Re: aikido politics - implications on training opportunities

Hi all,

I'm also having a similar problem like the OP.
I have been training with my first dojo since 5 months ago, and did my first 5th-kyu grading.
However, that dojo went on a 3-week break since last Christmas, so I looked up other dojos to train in as a guest. I could've trained in another dojo of the same affiliation but there was one dojo who caught my attention. At that time, they were having a 3-day summer intensive, and on the brochure it welcomed anyone from different styles and grades.

On the first day my initial dojo reopened, I had a casual chat with the instructor, in which I accidentally spoken about that other dojo. Right now, most of all the other instructors are waiting to have a word with me once I rejoin classes. Seeing their reaction disappoints me a little, but I do like the other dojo I trained in for 3-days.

I will not post the former dojo's name, location or affiliations but the latter that I had the summer intensive training was [from a different organization]. [This teacher] wasn't like any other instructors I have ever met before. His teaching style and curriculum has actually changed my life a lot, and in an emotional level I somehow achieved balance whenever I practiced whatever he taught during the 3-day intensive. I'm sounding very biased right now but I'm not willing to choose sides.

Like what George Ledyard Sensei's experience is like, I would love to experience both worlds. [This teacher] also personally give good comments on the dojo affiliation I trained in, so I'm hoping that my instructors in the first dojo are able to come to an agreement to let train with them while I train [with this other dojo]. If I am given the next offer to do gradings with them, I will do it according to their style but I hope that they will continue to allow me to train.

I believe the real Aikido approach to political problems such as these is to accept the blow to their ego, and harmonize with it. Find ways to bring conclusions to problems in a harmonious way.

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