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Re: aikido politics - implications on training opportunities

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Hi Peter,
Thanks for the wider view, its interesting grist for the mill from my own microcosm of experiences through the Ki Society fragmentation in Australia 10 or so years ago and being a part of the growth phase of a newer organisation (Yuishinkai), with some freedoms to explore more widely by way of its approach and a professional life that allows some wanderings.

Hi George,
Again thankyou for sharing your personal experiences and reflections on it. Quite helpful for me (and I guess others) who end up following similar paths through circumstances and/or a desire to explore the art more widely.

best to all,
Hi Daniel,

I didn't realise you were with Yuishinkai. We might even have met then. I was at one of Maruyama sensei's seminars in Byron Bay (possibly 2003??) I really enjoyed it, even if the new denim floor covering did dye my gi blue. I also visited Maruyama Sensei's dojo in Tokyo in 2005. I was really bummed that I couldn't train with him regularly. I live really close to his dojo as the crow flies, but the train lines are inconvenient and I wouldn't finish work in time to get there.

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