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Re: New to Aikido

Jason Smith wrote: View Post
The stretches they did Tuesday were pretty much identical to the stretches I did for MMA. After seeing that thread on here about doing wrist pushups I was wondering if there were more things like that in Aikido that would help me in the long run.
Training forward and backward rolls will definitely help in the long run. I don't know MMA, so I don't know if you get to train rolls in MMA.

I have done judo in the past, so I had some advantage, but I see many new aikidoka who are not comfortable with rolling even after a year of training or more. I think it becomes a bottleneck for their progress, because when they are uke, tori has to throw them carefully an slowly (when training kaiten nage for example). But this means they learn less from training with advanced students.

I think rolls are great to condition the body too. Especially backrolls from a sitting position seem to increase my core strength.

It's springtime now, the weather is getting better. So I train rolls in the garden

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