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Re: New to Aikido

A lot of the stretches and strength exercises you do in class are done for a reason.
The stretches they did Tuesday were pretty much identical to the stretches I did for MMA. After seeing that thread on here about doing wrist pushups I was wondering if there were more things like that in Aikido that would help me in the long run.

Exercises for your core are always a good thing, but don't forget about your back muscles or you will get muscle imbalance. Some people find that yoga and pilates helps out with both of those areas.
I'm working on my back right now. I'm gonna find a way to get my tractor tire from my parent's house to my apartment so I can continue my old regiment of 3 sets of tabata sledging. That was always a great exercise for increasing punching power, and I would assume that it is as good if not better for increasing the power behind sword strikes as well.
I"d say the challenge is to maintain beginner's mind and not try to bring what you already know onto the mat.
I was planning on going full on aikido in any sparring situation unless they otherwise stated they want me to use other styles. Like I state in the opening post, they are excited to be able to spar against someone with my background, so I'm all for that too. Either way, I'll have a lot of fun.

Speaking of fighting in the aikido style, I could tell from my first class that it will be hard to adjust from boxing/kickboxing style striking and defense to aikido. I'll get the hang of it eventually though.
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