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Mary Kuhner: Thank you so much for posting. Your post is especially meaningful to me because my dojo is a Ki Society. It is, unfortunately, the only Ki Society in my province and near as I can tell, the only place in the province to teach Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. I don't know of any other local schools offering any styles of Ki Aikido, which is what I had wanted to learn (in addition to jo. I like jo.)


Thank you all for your words. This is very crushing to me because I had been having fun, and because this is the only dojo I can find that teaches the ki aikido that I want to learn. I can excuse my torn scalp, and even a sprained wrist or ankle would be aggravating but allowable.. but my neck? I'm forced to agree, I really have to wonder if this is a warning shot for me. I don't *want* to give it up, but you all are right -- the next time could be paralyzing. I don't want to learn ki aikido *that* badly. I guess I'll go ask for a refund, tomorrow.

Thank you again


I hope I have not come to this thread too late.

I would appreciate it very much if you would email me privately about this matter and provide me with some more details on where this occurred. This sort of behavior as you described it is not acceptable in any Ki Society school that I am personally familiar with nor is it the norm for our organization. Your confidentiality will be respected.

I can assure you that our dojo we take the responsibility for our new students safety seriously.

Your desire to learn ki aikido is appreciated and I can only wish that you were my student so that you could have had a much more positive experience.

It saddens me,

but based on what you have said and if the sensei does not seem to be responsive, I too would have to recommend that you not practice there.

best wishes,

Craig Hocker

Head Instructor

Houston Ki Society
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