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Tak, thanks for posting, I agree with you that this is kind of thing is not acceptable and that Selkie should look elsewhere.

Selkie, if you are mainly looking to learn jo then an aikido dojo is not the best place to do it. The jo work in aikido is notoriously poor. You mentioned something about "your province," so I assume you are in Canada. If so, you should look into the jodo group in the Canadian Kendo Federation. Kim Taylor, who is also 6-dan in iaido, is building up a solid base of ZNKR jodo there, and every year he hosts a large jodo/iaido seminar in Guelph with several Japanese instructors, often including one or more Shinto Muso-ryu (the most popular jo koryu) menkyo kaiden. If you want to learn jo, this is the way to do it. And if you want to learn aikido, then I would recommend looking around for a safer dojo, even if it is a different style.

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