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Re: Vantage points

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
It is a done deal. I think you are basing the reality of what we are doing on some sort of uneducated consensus among the western folk.
We don't need a Sudanese child to know about Algebra in order to make Algebra a "done deal." There is no requirement that Chris Hein know about this in order to make it a done deal. This debate was over a long time before you or I were born.
Which debate are we talking about? There are several going on.

One debate is whether the stuff you are doing has anything to do with what Ueshiba was doing. That debate is still in full swing, and if we diligently pursue this debate, it will probably be going long after you and I are both dead.

Another debate we are having is whether what you are doing is different than anything you can find in modern athletics. This debate is still going on, and will go on until we can get some serious studies done- if it ever makes it that far. So that debate is still raging.

These are only two of the larger debates that we are having, both are far, far from being over.


I have been proving what I say for quite a while in rooms filled with dozens of people and I may be on the downward side of that soon. This isn't the wild west where I have to prove it to every gun slinger.
I believe there is a huge difference between "proving" and "showing". If a magician ( I know I'm going to get into trouble with this analogy...) Shows a huge audience of people he that he can "fly", that is not "proving" it. It's simply a demonstration. Demonstrations are all fine and well, but they don't begin to approach a proof.

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