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Re: Vantage points


Sorry to interrupt but earlier in this thread a comment was made concerning koryu and the propriety of allowing individuals to inspect a document like a menkyo kaiden. I cannot speak for all koryu but most individuals I know who hold official licenses in koryu will be more than happy to present theirs for examination. Heck, last year I rolled my menkyo kaiden out on the floor at a seminar in Berlin, Germany and allowed a Japanese Wado ryu shihan to translate it the the attendees. It is true we have other more "restricted" documentation in a school like TSYR but teaching licenses generally do not usually contain restricted information, and when they do, its presented in such an obscure manner that only initiates to the school could interpret it properly. Teaching licenses like menkyo kaiden are intended to be scrutinized.

The net out? Anyone who claims to have a license in a koryu but refuses to allow anyone access to it is...Well....Probably selling ocean front property in Colorado.

Back to your discussion.....

Toby Threadgill / TSYR

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