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Re: Vantage points

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I happen to know (as Howard mentioned) that it is indeed authentic, verifiable, and credible. It's also private - although Dan was never hesitant to discuss it in my hearing.

Notice that nobody's asked for verification of your lineage as qualification to put out your ideas.

Anyway, Dan mentioned that it doesn't matter, and he's absolutely right.


I don't believe it should matter, but it is unavoidable. Whenever a claim is made that this material has anything to do with Ueshiba - let alone that it is the true, inner secret of Aikido - and this claim is made and goes unrefuted in public, then there needs to be something to back that up, publicly. Something authentic, verifiable, and credible. I'd be much more comfortable with this being just about Dan.

Nobody needs a lineage to put out ideas. Putting out ideas is different than teaching. Were I to ever teach you can bet your life I would be entirely forthright and open about who I trained with and how I developed my skills. If I had my name and/or blood on a document forbidding me from divulging the source I would not publicly discuss ideas I gained or were seeded by that source. Maybe I am not perfect in this regard but I work on it.
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