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I very humbly suggest that this type of specific question is best answered in a dojo. Working with a talented sensei after a class or seminar will yield a wealth of responses all superior to what we receive from film. Taleb sensei had the practice of asking if there were any questions at the end of class and then would teach a mini lesson on topics like your post. I have met with the same response with Manogue sensei, Demko Shihan, Henry Smith Shihan, Bernath Shihan just to name a few. I am in no way trying to discourage this sort of intellectual forum but rather encourage you to take advantage of another more fruitful available path to the knowledge that you seek.
Sure this would be better answered by a qualified teacher. But, if someone wanted an overview of a technique or how other schools train, it's nice to read posts and view video. What's the chances a teacher from Yoshinkan will know how the Ki Society performs a technique? Online can help someone form a better question to ask an aikido teacher after class. No, video can't take the place of a qualified teacher so I agree that's a much better option, but, posts and video can help educate and inform.

Personally, if I had the option of viewing video or having Peter Bernath show me a technique, I'd choose Peter 10 out of 10 times.
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