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Pete wrote:

How was Yoda supposed to be responsible for the destruction of the Jedi?
(i'm attempting to write this without including any spoilers..which isn't overly easy)

Ok..Yoda's big thing is fear. Fear leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Yoda is so afraid of that himself that he refuses to train Aniken because he senses fear in him. In several places through the phantom menance and specificaly in the final scene between yoda and obi wan he states he is afraid of what training aniken will cause.

Aniken remember is a young kid at this time, who's mother is a long way away, who knows nothing of greed and who is basicaly a white page of paper that will be shaped by events he has to live through. A young kid who's only real worry is of losing his mother, something which is a pretty normal fear for any kid.

Instead of the Jedi masters training aniken and giving him a sense of family, security and love which would have shaped him to be a loyal Jedi knight, they push him away. Remeber he is listening when they tell Qui Gon not to train him, he's perceptive enough to feel that he's a problem to these people.

By pushing him away, making him feel like an outcast and a problem, not providing him with friendship he can turn to when it becomes necessary..because of his own fear...Yoda sows the seeds for Aniken being won over by the Emperor down the road and joining with him.

Remember Obi Wan telling Luke that Darth Vader helped hunt down and destroy the Jedi which is a pretty personal vendetta. There is even a rumor that in order to win aniken over, Palpatine will have his mother killed then make him belive that the Jedi masters were somehow responsible, portraying himself as the good guy and them as the bad....time will tell on that one.

Yoda's still hung up on fear by the time he meets Luke but fortunately Luke is older than Aniken and the Emperor older. less crafty and more openly evil, so Luke doesn't wind up suduced too (though it is close).

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