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OK so I'm probably just being silly here, but check this out.

In my ramblings over the internet, I came accross a few sites reguarding Jedi Knight training. (Dont leave just yet ..)

It is incredible how much if the Aiki is actually mirrored in their sites. The concept of Ki is a lot more like the "Force" than the Budist chakra. And the martial concepts are very Aikidoesk... Wierd huh!

Perhaps this is one of those culturally driven realities? Much like the oh I don't know.. the space shuttle or satelites.. See Arthur C. Clark, or Robert A. Heinlein, or Isaac Asimov.

Oh, wait a minute, the wife just reminded me that Lucas probably imitated or drew upon Aikido in his portrayal or Jedi in the first place...

Anyways.... Do any of you think in oh 200 years or so their might actually be Jedi Knights? Can modern Aikido help but add to this phenomina?

Are any of you reading this actually "Jedi Knights" and if so would you admit it? Face it ficticious as it might be, its one hell of an ideal isn't it...


P.S. yes I have been drinking, but just a little...bad day at work what can I say...
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