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Re: Banned from Aikido...

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To be honest I'm still not quite sure where I stand. Sure I am banned from one dan ranking, but i don't think he is the head of my club. So where does that leave me? At least, I understand most men like to band together, and ban the 'jackers' who clearly f$^ with their nice male female orientated view of the world. What's more Aikido teaches you to never attack first, so i don't know if it was because I insinuated that i would, or it got back to them that i have in the past, and so the ban stands. Aikido is not the be all and end all in my life. If it turns out that i can't go back to it, I have learnt a good ikkyo in this way. But it does still feel a little like a kick in the teeth after the years dedication and friends i have made at my club, and this is the way they repay me. like i said it wasnt the clubs topdog, but the number two that banned me. and i guess they wont like me washing my dirty linen in public. but to be quite honest with you i have been the number one internet troll/most wanted since over five years now. starting with across various other forums to finally here at aikiweb. There has been a decent amount of tolerance and respect shown me on this forum, but now the knee jerk /(oh he's a woman beater etc etc) reactions are beginning to kick in. Every one reading this has to ask themselvee within do they think that i am worthy of this treatment. And I have little doubt that a good deal will be against me. But a few friends is all i need to provide me with the emotional support to continue my journey. Both here and elsewhere. It was nice to think that I had my club on my side. But just as it is no longer 'my' club, so too yeah anyway you get the picture.
I don't think this is the reason. You might want to go through the comments on this thread again and re-think it.
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