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Re: Ambling down the path...

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Kevin, out of curiosity, why do you think you don't have the patience or the will to take the "10,000 times" approach to mastery?
Brilliant question Mary!

Not quite what I meant but your question struck a cord. My response was in regards to Keith's dedication to artisanship, his sword polishing endeavors...I admire master craftsman/women and artists although I am not one.

To answer your question, I'm a classic under acheiver Mary, although at this point of my life I am finding determination and will power having once again returned to me. It's more like I'm one who is a Jack of all trades master of none type of guy. I'm fascinated by many things but focussed on few.

In terms of Aikido, I've dabbled in a few classes, but am not convinced its for me. My martial experience comes from mostly striking arts, Kempo Karate, Choy Lee Fut/Chi Kung, and Boxing/Kick Boxing, I find those styles intrinsically rewarding.

My attraction to Aikido is intellectually and verbally in nature. I can blend, but martially I have a hard time not wanting to I'm a fan of Aikido, particularly hard style practioners like Senseis Joe Thambu and Seagal. I also enjoy those who are in it (thats why I'm on the forum), I am a believer in Internal/External, hard/soft, and yin/yang approach to martial arts.

I hope I didn't drift too far off the path...but you asked!

Thanks for your interest Mary and good training!

Stay Cut,

The Hebrew Hammer
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