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Re: Ambling down the path...

I've posted a lot on my blog about kata over the years. Just added this today and it seemed apropos so I'm adding it as a comment:

I think it was Marcy Tilton, my first sewing teacher, who commented that you have to make a particular pattern/garment three times for it to be "your's;" that is, to have a real understanding of it.

I began sewing in earnest, with Marcy and a couple of other excellent instructors as my guides, around 1980.

Through the 1980s I sewed practically every skirt, blouse, pair of pants, and jacket or coat that I wore.

I designed the baby gi pattern in 2001, and I'd guess that I've made about 75 to 80 of them over the years.

This afternoon I figured out a better way to do one of the steps. Nobody might notice but me. That's ok too.
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