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Re: Too dangerous for children?

William M. Reed wrote:
While these stories are similar to other testimonials that I have heard, I'm still wondering if there is any documented information by doctors with their conclusions on the safety of joint techniques for children in martial arts such as aikido.
The lack of documentary evidence is indicative of the low number of instances in which there has been a problem. Just use your common sense...

We don't too much break falling with the kids, just enough that they learn to do them, but figuring that a lot of pounding over a life time of training probably isn't swell.

Little kids joints are not solid until they start hitting their teens
so we don't do the basic joint locks like nikkyo and sankyo with the little ones, The young teens do them but aren't allowed to do them with any power on their partners. If it hurts, it was too hard.

Once the kids hit their higher teens, about the time that the boys start to bulk up, is when we let them put a bit more energy into things.

As for the "documentary evidence" issue... every student I ever had who went to a doctor (except a sports medicine specilaist) with an injury was told to stop training. What we do stresses the body. It's debateable whether it's good for anyone. The more seriously you train, the more that is true.

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