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Oh c'mon Joe,
Cady has explicitly given Sam Chin and his DVD's as an open source. Anyone can look him up on youtube. Sam says that there, actually, is nothing to learn. But he certainly is worth a look.
So, why do you insist on Dan? What drives you to do this?

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
I think the point that a lot of people are making on this thread is that aiki is NOT numinous: it doesn't come to you like divine grace. It's a physical skill that you have to train hard to get good at.

Actually I do a lot of my solo training lying in bed (I mean that seriously, by the way). There are a set of solo drills that are designed to be performed standing up, but they work just as well lying down.

Only that I would like to say, that training hard isn't all to get good at it. Investigating intelligence and creativity, having fun, patience, consistency etc., are also good ingredients. And if we had a knack for it, if we were cut out for it, that would be best.

Of course, training hard can be fun. But so many have and haven't got very far.


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