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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

Ok, back to our definition theme.

Ahmad Abas:
"Aiki is the ability to make your opponent powerless"

This isn't a definition, but a description. Who cares really, but, things like this can lead us crazy places. For example, are hand cuffs "Aiki", how about anesthetics? The idea of what it does is good, but too vague.

David Skaggs:
"Aiki" is the coordination of movement inside and outside of the body.

I personally think this is a pretty sound definition, certainly reasonable and complete. It fits what I'm talking about, how about for others? Still vague, but we are getting somewhere; no?

Jason Casteel:
Aiki is the result of a body that is conditioned to instantly convey forces to and from the ground in a relaxed state, free of muscular force/tension and then manipulate that force both physically (movement) and/or mentally (intent).

I think this is getting back to what I believe we are now calling structure. Am I wrong? Opinions?

On the note of structure, I would like to introduce the idea of "body skill". I would like to use this word to refer to someone who has the ability to use their body in a powerful manner. For example someone with good internal ability as Mike, or Mark might describe would have good "body skill". However I would like to use this word to describe more. For example some one who has lots of agility, strength, speed or coordination would have good "body skill" as well.

I have an idea that this word might become very useful shortly, as we start to approach an idea of what "Aiki" is.

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