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Re: Tadashi Abe and Kenji Tomiki and their criticism

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Yamada's movie is in a dvd produced by Hal Sharp, judoka, and the main title of the DVD is Fukko Judo by Tadayuki Satoh. Someone gaave me the DVD, I don't know where to buy.

In Tomiki Aikido, the old Ueshiba teachings are kept alive in what is called Koryu no kata, which is basically old prewar teachings from Ueshiba.
Also Iwama style has some original teachings.
In Minoru Mochizuki Yoseikan aikido you can find original prewar teachning........

Maybe others can add more
The Koryu no kata does seem quite interesting and worth some further investivation, my understanding was that the Yoshinkan style of Gozo Shioda was regarded to be prewar style Aikido also?
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