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Re: How long does it really take?

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(1) yes:
"...According to the findings, 3 training sessions (of 1-2 hours duration each) per week is the most productive in terms of both physical conditioning and improving one's skills. ..."
Ah, ok, that's your source. According to Cady, that was an "exercise physiology study...concerning the optimum amount of time spent training in any physical discipline." I don't know how they were able to obtain valid findings for "any physical discipline"; I'm skeptical, frankly. People here have their own subjective impressions about how they do at different training frequencies; you can generalize, but clearly there are many exceptions. The point is, the exceptions aren't the rule, either.

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(3) that's what good old late Gichin sensei wrote, but I will not quote him
No need; I read "Karate-do: My Way of Life" years ago. I don't recall him indicating that a typical Okinawan farmer followed this training regimen; I know that he did, but I had the impression that this was not at all typical.
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