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Re: Tadashi Abe and Kenji Tomiki and their criticism

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
When I watch O'Sensei the main and most enduring thing I see is harmonious motion.
Hi Graham -

Overall, nice post.

It's a shame that the word 'harmony' has developed such a, as Tony might say, 'woo-woo' reputation. When applied to two people moving relative to one another, the word simply describes motion in concert, not conflict.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Of course many who trained with O'Sensei were taken aback by his 'power' and and thus many have stated as much and yet I feel it is this point that leads people astray. How to be more powerful. So much said about his power and his strength and yet not so much emphasised on his Aiki motion. Thus people are blinded in my opinion.
Many of O Sensei's power demonstrations were related to pointing out how one can remain still, stable and centered while being stressed as a result of being pushed, pulled or lifted. Aikido happens when one combines this ability with harmonious motion. Without the ability to remain stable and centered while in motion it is easy for an attacker to take the defenders balance and turn the tables on him.

People get blinded on both sides of the divide, failing to realize that there is, in reality, no divide and that Aikido is a product of integrating both.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I find those who also trained with O'Sensei and yet prefer to talk about and demonstrate principles and how they relate to harmonious motion, connection and tachnique generally do not do these 'impressive' demos of 'magical' (yet real,depending) power.
When used at events in an effort to recruit students power demonstrations can prove to be an effective tool. Their real value however is in the role of exercises used to find and strengthen one's center.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
So back to the thread and Tomiki. Not my style and to bring a smile to tony's face-not my cup of tea, I'm quite'cosy' with what I do. But seriously though, when I watch the motions done, the basic motions in Tomiki I see sliding movement in all eight directions designed to harmonize and enter etc. Excellent. His aim as with most Aikido Shihans was to give a method that leads towards the goal of harmony.
Agreed. Just another path to travel. The ability to find Aikido along many different roads is part of what makes it such a rich and appealing art.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
The only personal gripe I have really is 'when will people realize that true power lies in harmony.'
Folks move along at their own pace Graham. At any given moment we are all where we are and moving forward. Transform your gripe into a wish and let it go.

Best to you.


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