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Re: Tadashi Abe and Kenji Tomiki and their criticism

Hi Chris,

Lets agree to disagree and that's all.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
And you point is what? I've been in Aikido long enough to form a reasonable opinion. Watanabe trained with the founder, Saito trained with the founder - they had very different opinions. Training with the founder is no magic touchstone for veracity.
My point is that I didn't knew if you trained with the founder.

Okay, explain to me semantically why something that is being taught publicly is an "underground art".
Graffiti is underground art, punk is underground music. Both are in public view but not mainstream.

And yet - you're still spending day after day hanging around on Aikido forums...
And in other martial art forums, and reading books, and in the mat...sometimes one learns interesting things in unexpected places (and knows nice people too).

It's really not much of a leap - all it takes is a weekend workshop.
Or a cheap camera and 5 minutes of tape. Five min. of your time demonstrating unequivocally the effects of IP/Aiki training to a guy in the other side of the world is asking too much?

BTW, I want to make clear I'm not saying IP/Aiki doesn't exist. What I'm saying is IP/Aiki training is not going to be found in the majority of aikido dojo around. The IP/Aiki proponents are not going to make aikido change.



I think you're overly optimistic. I hope to review this thread in 2030 and see which one of us is going to pay the beers.


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