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Re: "IP/IT/IS" vs technique?

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You don't need internal power for spontaneous technique. There is no "A implies B" relationship there. I don't think the two have anything to do with each other at all, though there is plenty of room to quibble.
The difference is that the IS/IP/Aiki work gives you a level of freedom that Aikido without these skills does not have. (Speaking as someone with 20 years in Aikido followed by 4-5 years training IP while continuing my Aikido training.) If I use timing, blending, and flow (in addition to joint locks and similar mechanical techniques) I'm very much constrained by what uke is doing. If uke is unbalanced as soon as he/she touches me, and can't put force into me with a strike or a grab, I can pretty much do what I like. (Within limits, of course. Standing in front of a punch still doesn't work.)

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My personal belief is that imagery and intent training works against the goal of developing the ability to react spontaneously and appropriately to the movement of the universe. I have always thought the traditional Japanese training model was designed to take the mind out of the equation and I keep thinking that is a better and better idea the longer i do it.
I think you don't understand how imagery and intent are used. They don't lead to being "in your head" any more than kata training does--much less so, in fact.

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