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Re: What Aikido waza are you practicing for bad guys?

Brett Charvat wrote: View Post
-- Really? Then one wonders why you, the OP, first referred to certain aikido styles as "dance styles," while the more MARTIAL styles (presumably, your own Yoshinkan) are in contrast "re-legitimizing aikido as a martial art" (again, your words). I'll ask again, since you refused to answer previously; exactly which styles of aikido are the "dance styles" and which ones will focus on MARTIALNESS instead? I just want to know, so I don't piss my money away on silly dancing. Thanks in advance!!
This is the original post of this thread:
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Solid, martial techniques for me- Hiji Shime, Ude Garami, lots of Ikka jo (Ikkyo) and of course Irimi Nage. Working on my Kote Gaeshi for vs. weapon. I didn't used to think Shiho Nage, but lately...
See, irimi doesn't demand a committed attack to work, but if it's there, it's almost effortless.
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