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Re: Shirata Biographical Article

Ernesto Lemke wrote: View Post
I added the picture to my FB page so now I'm hoping I'm not violating any copyright issues. There is no commercial gain in this, it's done solely to have a "database" of sorts. I have no problem taking it down if need be.
Hello Ernesto,

One might ask the same question concerning copyright issues about Doug's translation. On the last page of the magazine (it is a magazine, not a newsletter, and is published twice yearly, with illustrations in colour and in black and white) are the editing and publishing details, with the usual copyright symbol. The holder of the copyright is the Aikikai Foundation.

I have the whole set of Aikido Tankyu ( 合気道探求) magazines and Kaku Kozo's articles on Shirata Rinjiro are the third in a series, with Abe Tadashi and Murashige Aritoshi coming first. There is much of interest in these articles, also, the main problem being that Kaku does not reveal any sources.

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