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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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If you aren't looking at everyone you meet in martial arts that has skills you want to emulate or surpass - through the lens of "how can I steal everything from this person as soon as possible" . . then you've already made a decison towards a slower track of learning.
I don't look at it that way. Never have, really. I don't want to steal anything. I'm appalled at the concept of it overall. There should never be a dynamic where a student has to "steal" anything. Hard work, yes. Step by step learning, yes. Investigations of the art on one's own, yes. But, if the teacher is seeing that the students aren't getting it,that teacher knows how to teach it such that the students would get it, and doesn't teach because he/she thinks the students should "steal" it? Sorry, that's not a good teacher.

I don't want to "steal" to learn "as soon as possible". I want a learning environment that's healthy, strong, and creates bonds between all involved. Having to "steal" doesn't do that. Having to look at it like you need to steal it as soon as possible doesn't do that. This teaching mentality about students needing to be smart enough to figure things out for themselves is wrong.

The person that spends hours thinking of some new way to teach so that a student having trouble finally gets past the issues is a teacher. Someone worth training with. A person that just lets their student meander along waiting for the student to finally get it, isn't a teacher. This kind of person should be avoided.

This "stealing" is not the environment I want, not the kind of person I want to be, and definitely not the kind of teacher I'd like to become.

None of the teachers I've met and trained with were like that. I have had and have some outstanding teachers. This "stealing" ideology is something I'd rather see die a quick, horrible death than be perpetuated.

But that's just me.