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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I suggest that as people grow, they make rounds again. There is an education loop isn't there.
Yup, I think this is where I'm building to, again. At most another year of work, get the kids a bit older and then I'll start going to see what people are doing (or they'll keep trickling in to see me, here and there).

Heck, I might even start by visiting the local aikido dojos (fortunately, one is at a judo club, the other is at a bjj school)

Back on to the original topic . . what Ikeda Sensei is doing and showing. I have to call out/tease Lynn Seiser for immediately cautioning about talking about Ikeda. Folks, break out of this rut that the sensei is beyond reproach or examination - in Ikeda's case, obviously, he's trying to get people to get it!

If you aren't looking at everyone you meet in martial arts that has skills you want to emulate or surpass - through the lens of "how can I steal everything from this person as soon as possible" . . then you've already made a decison towards a slower track of learning.

Once again, the original topic - Ikeda, in every video demo I've seen - is showing a very basic, fundamental skill of making the connection between himself and the other person(s) such that there's one combined unit that he's controlling with his intent/middle/ground/gravity manipultion.

So, two discrete things - managing the connection between you and other person as a third force that naturally combines with the two primary forces (ground/gravity, earth/heaven) already acting upon you as a developed skill. The other one being training your body to most efficiently propogate, generate and manipulate those forces.

To me, what Ikeda is trying to show people is the very fundamental thing you need to be able to do to make any of the cooler stuff work. So the question comes back to those training with him - beyond how he manipultes you . . how well is he showing you how to do it back to him or others? How much is explicitly broken down and explained, versus - how much do you have to steal . . how are you stealing it, vetting it, testing it, breaking it down into components pieces, etc.?

Seems like a good topic of discussion