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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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I think people are capable of considering the source and drawing their own conclusions.

I'm more concerned with the "thesis defense" attitude that often takes over these threads, where people seeking input on early explorations are dismissed as knowing nothing.

OF COURSE they don't know anything! They're beginners!

If the goal really is to encourage the development of internal skills -- as opposed to promoting some personal agenda -- squelching beginners doesn't help.

+1 and Amen.
There is a lot of support and positive work being done with teachers and students, preserving their hard work and recognizing the pitfalls and trails and false starts...and....and...well we all know that road. Friendliness and support DOES NOT equal cults and group think and all the other negatives. These teachers I have met who stepped up are a self selected bunch of hard workers.
Look at Ikeda. How many teachers do YOU know who would put on a white belt and go do systema to feel it?
Or Gleason who wanted to come at me with everything he got to see the results.
Or George who has put himself out there with all manner of outside teachers.
Do we think that sort of mindset is into cult making? Nope. That is "permanent student mindset" that keeps these men going.
Good Grief if that doesn't say it all I don't know what does..