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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Hello Janet,

I'm sure that for you and others, these things get old and tired very quickly. For that, I apologize. Yes, I do agree with you that it should stop. But it hasn't, and people are getting tired of the subtle and not so subtle jabs. In all seriousness, do you not care that good people are being demeaned?

With the best of intentions,
Mark, in my own life I accept that I cannot control how others think of me and at a certain point simply refuse to engage in fruitless back and forth. At a certain point (and I'm talking about personal stuff, not issues of civil rights or human rights) It matters not who is "good" or "being demeaned" or right or wrong - it just takes one of the parties to politely bow and refuse to engage in what is essentially meaningless repetitions of the same two statements back and forth.
My two cents FWIW.

Janet Rosen
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